I wanted to write this after having come through Hurricane Harvey in 2017. I live less than half a mile from the beach on Mustang Island in Port Aransas and it is now 18 months since ground zero.

It is amazing the spirit of this little town on the coast of Texas.  People have hiked up their pants legs, put on their gloves and their game faces and started digging in.  At first it was like being in a war zone, but gradually with the love of those who visit Port Aransas and the local residents, we are taking shape once again as a rooted dune along the shore. The birds are flying, the boats are sailing, the eateries and shops are once again thriving and our friends to the north who come down each year to escape the cold have come once again, and it brings a tear to my eye as I see all the multi color license plates.  Yes … we are back again .. because no storm will ever take away the beauty of the human soul.  The sea oats and sunflowers are coming back again.

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